Our Vision

To promote integrated initiatives for peace, and development.

Our Mission

A peaceful and Social-Economically self-reliant community.

Our Values

Environmental Protection which drives the daily operations.

Zoe Foundation Activities

Welcome to Zoe Foundation Uganda

ZOE Foundation is a Community Based Non-Governmental Organization, Non Sectarian, Non-Religious, and exercises its obligations wildwide. The Organization targets the youth, the poor, the rural and urban needy groups, women and the disabled.

Considering the effects of global trends which have caused human suffering as evidenced by droughts, famine, wars, poverty.


We are stewards that see creation through the compassionate eyes of the God who empowers the weak and makes common cause with the most vulnerable.  It is only as servants of earth community that we avoid paternalism. Hence, the organisation is not only a steward to resources in ways that generate sustainability for earth’s resources but also in ways that sustain life for the poor and vulnerable groups like the disabled, women, children, and the youth.


Environmental Conservation and Climate

Our purpose is to provide a basis for developing environmental policy which will lead along the

Capacity Building for Needy communities

We’re building capacity in support of environmental justice in Uganda and creating a multi-state Community of

Promotion of Peace, Justice and Human Rights

The main mission of our organization is to build a more peaceful, fairer, and secure world.

Promotion of modern and Diversified Farming

Transitions toward urban living, the freer flow of capital and culture, and new agricultural and processing

Promotion of Education and Training for self- reliance

There is evidence that when adolescents and young adults are skilled, productively engaged, and/or earning incomes,

Promotion of Integrated Development Activities

Integrated development plans (IDP) are the main planning instrument in a community. IDPs are a statutory

Zoe Participates in Ugandan North American Association (UNNA) Convention 2019 in Chicago

Zoe is into partnership with Shanana Africa Ltd where women are the out growers for the company's raw materials.


These raw materials include Papaya, Carrots, Shea Butter, Avacado, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Lemon Grass, Coconut, mint, to mention but a few. Under our objective of creating market and value addition, the partnership with Shanana Africa Ltd came in as a fulfillment.


Our Partner