Praise Pamela

Praise is the founder and executive director for Zoe foundation. She is responsible for the strategic vision and operational management of Zoe Foundation’s objectives. The organization employs three full-time Ugandan staff, five consultants and approximately thirty volunteers both local and international; under the Green environmental conservation program the organization targets 7million trees to be planted annually, communities are trained and sensitized in areas of climate change, modern and diversified farming for food security, value addition on agriculture produce, capacity building skills for self-reliance and technical skills among others.

Effective Partnerships have been cultivated and strengthened with several Political, Prevent, NGOs and Religious bodies of the same mind. These include National Forest Authority, Ministry of Gender, Churches, Schools, among others.

Prior to establishing ZOE Foundation, Praise had a career in the banking sector and held positions of customer service consultant and Auditor Officer. She is also the current General Manager of S.J Energy Resources Uganda ltd and a practicing Farmer. Praise holds a Certificate in Counseling and Guidance, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Management (MIM).

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