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ZOE Foundation is a Community Based Non-Governmental Organization, Non Sectarian, Non-Religious, and exercises its obligations throughout the Republic of Uganda and any other country it will apply to work. The Organization targets the youth, the poor, the rural and urban needy groups, women and the disabled.

Considering the effects of global trends which have caused human suffering as evidenced by droughts, famine, wars, poverty, disasters, and negative social practices , recognition of the youth, rural community and the farmers facing situations of deprivation and vulnerability which leaves them destitute, handicapped and jobless must be paramount.

Communities are overwhelmed with the increasing number of unemployed youth, needy and impoverished social segments coupled with erratic weather which has caused floods, food insecurities among others.

Basing on the Organization’s Core Objectives, ZOE is encapsulating community centered development programs that encompasses the grass root stakeholders, policy makers, and academia to generate relevant ideas, solutions, skills and resources for equitable and sustainable livelihoods with in the targeted groups.